How to Make a Good Preparation For a New Teacher

At the beginning of teaching, of course it will feel very nervous. Maybe there are still self-doubts such as “do you think the students understand or not?”, “How do you teach it right?”, “Does it look stiff or not during teaching?” And … other doubts, We have tips for beginner teachers who will start teaching.

  1. Prepare the material

Prepare learning material from afar, so that it can be easier to evaluate whether the material that has been made is appropriate or not. Can also ask for advice from friends who are also instructors as a guide for the preparation of the material.

Make sure you have mastered all the material, too! So it will always be ready to give the best answer to the questions raised by students. If later there are questions that cannot be answered, don’t just answer yes! It’s better to just write down the question, then in the next meeting just give the right explanation.

  1. Keep practising

 you won’t be awkward when you teach for the first time, it doesn’t hurt to try to practice first. Can be tried with exercises in front of the glass or if you want better there are volunteers who are ready to be friends to practice. The time is short, the important thing is how to show yourself in front of prospective students.

  1. Introduction

During the first meeting with students, try introducing yourself first. The goal is that students will not feel foreign in the presence of their new teacher. Prepare your self-introduction well, because first impression will determine how prospective students value their new teacher.

  1. Give examples

Sometimes, there is material that is difficult to understand which makes it difficult for students to understand. To anticipate this, make sure you have prepared samples from the material with real life that often happens everyday so that students understand better.

  1. Make a joke

Although the learning process requires seriousness, don’t forget to slip humor and stay relaxed while teaching. With the presence of humor, it can dilute the atmosphere and increase student concentration. Especially when students have started to look bored and even sleepy. Well! The right time to issue humor. Let the student return to fresh to pay attention to the lesson again. Let’s laugh together

  1. Give reward

Always remember to give awards to students who are trying. For example for students who actively ask questions or try to answer questions. Don’t ignore the right or wrong of the question or answer given, as long as the student has tried it is a positive thing. With this attitude, the aim is to encourage other students to be proactive in class.

  1. End with smile

End the study hours with a smile! By smiling, it can show itself as a friendly and pleasant teacher

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