How to Make the Students Get the Lesson Easily

Not all students have fast capture power. There are students with slow understanding, so the teacher must be extra hard so that the child can understand what is being taught. there are some tricks that can be done so students can understand the lesson quickly

  1. Use mind map

 According to the principle of Brain Management, the mind map concept is said to be in accordance with the natural work of the brain. Mind maps can make both brains work together and will help understand the concept better. Mind map will help students see material concepts as a whole more clearly, see the relationship between one chapter and another chapter, make material easier to understand with visual clues, and make learning more enjoyable.

  1. maximize technology

Adapt the teaching method with increasingly evolving technology so that the process of understanding material becomes easier and faster. The teacher / teacher can use the internet to be used as a source of other material for students in learning a subject. In order not to get bored easily, change the text into images or audio. This method will make students discover new things that are more fun.

  1. apply interactive methods

In addition to focusing on the subject matter given, the teacher must also think about student development. It may be that students have a great curiosity about something, or about issues that might be discussed in certain subjects. For this reason, it is important to give them the opportunity to ask questions about the lessons discussed. The teacher can begin by telling a short story related to the lesson.

  1. Prepare material in other formats, such as animation

When delivering lessons to students, you should not spend time discussing things that are not important. Prepare important points from the main subject matter in a more interesting form such as animation.

  1. Mobile in the class

Teaching does not only provide learning material for students so they know and learn it. When teaching, the teacher / teacher must also pay attention to the state of the student. Don’t just teach in front of the class until the bell rings, especially when teaching a topic that is quite important or complicated. The teacher / teacher must take the time to go around answering student questions when they are studying independently, or in groups

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